# HOW TO. The power of "NOW"

# HOW TO. The power of "NOW"

Increasingly, I have been finding that my lists of to-do's have been growing exponentially. I was adding things to my Trello lists and hardly ever had I time to work through them. It felt daunting to just look at them, never mind trying to get stuff done. In reality, most of things I wanted to do, never got done and those that were absolutely necessary were done only last minute. Often to the detriment of the quality.

So, about a few weeks ago I have resolved to try a new strategy. I have attempted to get things done right away. If I had to write a birthday card, I sat down and wrote it immediately. When I remembered to transfer money to a business partner I pulled out my phone got it done.

I have found myself in a constant flow of productivity.  Instead of procrastinating I was pre-crastinating in a good way. My list of to-do's was not growing any more and it felt that a large weight has been taken off my shoulders.

Here are the points I followed that helped me. I hope you may also find them useful.

  1. Five minutes rule - if a task will take you less than five minutes, get it done immediately. Surprisingly, large majority of what we need to complete can be done very fast, so why not taking advantage of the power of "now" and completing things right away. Having less on your mind will ease your mental load.
  2. Action to not forget - unfortunately, whilst our brain is fantastic at generating ideas and thoughts, it is not to that good at storing them. Very often, a few moments after you have a great thought, your brain moves on and you no longer remember what you thought of previously. So take advantage of "now", get things done immediately and you will not forget.
  3. Buy Technology - that is my motivation. If you need a piece of tech that will help you be more productive, just get it. Over time you will find that the cost of that gadget will be outweighted by the benefits you gained from it. These may be non-monetary in form of greater fulfillment, but may as well be financial if you use it for business purposes. Consider that an investment rather than spending.

Good luck. If you find these helpful drop me a note and share your thoughts on mileskate.contact@gmail.com



Until next time

M | K