# HOW TO. Be more innovative.

Classes will dull your mind. Destroy the potential for authentic creativity.

Have you ever heard that quote. If not, you should watch Beautiful Mind directed by Ron Howard, starring Russell Crow and many other very famous actors. The point is that if you want your creativity to blossom, you need to give it space. Classes, exams, work, deadlines and so on are a killer of creativity. When you are so busy that all you can afford is just to run from one topic to the next you are acting on an autopilot. Your brain is in a survival mode and your creative side is switched off.

For creativity to blossom you need to give it space.

Vacation for instance are a great way to find that space. Being away from home, in a foreign or a distant location. Maybe even a place where there isn't that much to do but where you can still relax and let things go. Important is that you can take your mind off of work or school.

Next best thing would be a day out. Go the the nicest local spa you can find and just let things be. Enjoy sauna, pool, massages, manicure, pedicure. Anything that relaxes you and makes you feel like the world outside doesn't exist.

There may be other things that work great for you - outdoor sports, reading a thought provoking book, random discussion with friends over a cup of coffee. Whatever it is, embrace it and let it blossom.

Important is that you capture your ideas. Keep a notebook and a pen nearby or have your note taking app available. When the idea strikes you, write it down. Expand on it and clarify where necessary. Who knows it could be the next big thing.

Thanks for your time.

Until next time