Getting up

Getting up

It is nice to get up early before everyone one else does. Enjoy the blissful moments of raising sun. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, step outside on the balcony or into the garden and listen to the birds chumming the morning songs.

Unfortunately, waking up early was never my strength. The snooze away button was always within reach and too tempting not to press it. And so the days passed and with it one sunrise after another.

Until I have discovered one technique that really made the difference. To my surprise it wasn't setting up my alarm far away from my bed. I have tried that and  failed. I even put my phone in another room, but after I got up, I turned off the alarm and walked back to bed.

The thing that worked for me was finding joy in the activities that I had planned for the next morning. For example getting some sports done before work, reading a chapter in a book I enjoyed or working on a fun project before day got too busy. Whatever works for you, waking and getting up to a joyful activity is much easier than anything else.

Try and see if that works for you. If you have another technique would love to hear from you.

Until next time

M | K