Get more done in less of the time.

Hard works pays off. If we want to achieve something, we need to pour our sweat and tears into it.  Our parents may have told us that we need to study hard and work hard to get what we want. This recipe sound simple. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Working hard is just one side of the coin. The other is, working focused and working smart.

It really doesn't help if we are studying for ten hours or working on a work assignment for twelve, when half of that time is spent browsing internet and checking our friends' facebook updates.

We need to find a way to reclaim some of the time lost and gain control of our work. One effective answer is focus sprint.

It is a simple, yet powerful tool that will help you get more done. Focus sprint is 90-minutes chunk of distraction free, focused and uninterrupted work-time. It goes like that:

  • set the timer for 90-minutes and put it right in front of you. Over time as you become better at this you will forget about the timer and concentrate on the workflow.
  • you go on "do not disturb" mode. This includes e-mails, iphones, tablets, doorbell, etc. Use noise cancelling headphones to block out external sounds. I have been using Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless, which are fantastic.
  • set goals and write them down on a piece of paper. Try an analog to-do list from ugmonk (
  • grab a glass of water to stay hydrated
  • once finished take a break. 20 minutes. Go outside and get some fresh air if you can, leave the room where you worked to let your mind switch off, meditate. You must build down the stress you accumulated in the high intensity work phase.
  • repeat

Try few of them throughout the day and watch how your output increases. Adjust to fit your schedule and needs. If 90-minutes time slots don't work, go for 60-minutes sessions, or even 45-minutes and work your way up.

The focus sprints are simple yet powerful ways to get more done. They work because by setting yourself free of distractions and concentrating on one thing at the time, you work in a manner that mother nature wanted. Try it, you may like it.

Lastly, I learned about the focus sprints from my friends at the Great source of inspiration and ideas. Try their youtube channel. Worth the time.

Until next time.

M | K

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